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Star Wars XXX
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Do you love Star Wars? Do you love porn?  Okay, really, who doesn’t love both?  Well, just imagine if you could have both…. Star Wars with real action!  A two in one deal is at your fingertips—Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody

Star Wars XXX is one of the biggest films Vivid has made yet!  Big budget and big action!  This will certainly be a best seller for 2012!  Kim Kardashian—we’ve been there, watched that, and jacked off.  A big ass is always in style and so is Star Wars.  A galaxy of tits, ass, and big dicks galore!  Cum shots, deep throating, and multiple girls is what you can expect in this film. I wonder why they didn’t call this big budget classic Star Whores?  Because you are guaranteed to see Princess Leia’s buns, and I am not talking about the ones on her head!  A galaxy of fucking!  That is what dreams are made of! 

Princess Leia is played by adult entertainment beauty Allie Haze.  The legendary Lexington Steel as Darth Vader shows Leia how to cum in the dark side!  We always knew what all that heavy breathing was about!  Leia is on her knees ready to please and trying to find the force in her! Seth Gamble as Luke Skywalker (more like Luke Skyfucker) fights evil with cock!  And Chewbacca gets his hairy dick in a mess of pussies!  Han Solo is more like Hand Solo and makes use going in for grab on princess Leia! That light saber will have nothing on the cocks fighting for good…and we thought this could only happen in a galaxy far, far away!  Let the force be with you, in you, and upon you! 

People will be talking about this parody for years to cum!!!  Axel Braun is the director of Star Wars XXX, and the king of all parody porn.  Making stellar reviews with his previous film: Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, which was the bestselling adult film of 2010.  The film has a lot to feature and Braun is proud of the results.  Allie Haze is a treasure; she debuts as princess Leia and “nails” the part according to Braun.  Haze is now signed as a Vivid girl, and we are hoping to see much, much, more of the brunette who dove in head first for the part…and didn’t come up for air!

From the beginning to the end this movie looks and feels like the original.  Star Wars is a classic, and those who know the film are hard to impress, so Braun worked diligently to make the parody brilliant.  The sex scenes in Stars Wars: XXX are what fans have imagined for years.  This is better than any other adult film that you have seen.  Production value is stellar.  This film appeals to the casual adult movie viewer, man, woman, and especially that horny geek!  The most popular porn parody to date!  Don’t miss out on this classic—see it today!  And let the farce be with you!

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